Setup Multi-User Environment for lbcd

February 29, 2024
bitcoin blockchain


Install Caddy

Install lbcd


For Caddyfile {
    basicauth * {
        user1 hashed-password1
        user2 hashed-password2
    reverse_proxy :9245 {
        header_up Authorization "Basic abcdefg"

Hashed password is generated with

caddy hash-password -p plain-text-password

The Authorization header value Basic abcdefc can be extracted using Postman by setting Authorization -> Basic Auth with username and password.

Post to Body:

  "version": "2.0",
  "id": 8337029974246184036,
  "method": "getblockcount",
  "params": []


caddy start
caddy adapt
caddy stop
~/go/bin/lbcd --rpcuser=user --rpcpass=password --notls

## shutdown
kill -9 lbcd-pid
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